Your guide to Vaping

Your guide to Vaping

The vaping (e-cigarette) industry has witnessed a magnificent development in recent years, and these days there are hundreds of products on the market which can offer a complete experience and at a reasonable price. If you are starting in this world we give you some tips on how to vape safely in all its context.

Attention to overheating.  It is not uncommon for your vaporizer (e-device) to warm up when it is used regularly. But when it gets too hot to hold it in your hand it is a warning and you should stop using it immediately. This is a sign that your battery is working too hard, and when this happens, the battery chemists begin to produce gases, which if not removed can cause fire or even an explosion. It is for this reason that it is crucial to buy good equipment (mod or battery) and have enough ventilation.

Excessive battery work can occur for several reasons and may only require some adjustments of the atomizer you are using. Make sure you are using a quality loader (Nitecore for example) and avoid cheap alternatives. 

Stay hydrated. It is important to know that one of the main problems faced by vapers is dehydration. This happens when your body does not receive enough moisture and fluids. Vaping is one of the causes of dehydration, as it removes moisture from your mouth. This can make you feel dry and uncomfortable to swallow. If you have experienced this before, it is a sign that your body is already losing too much moisture. Other side effects of dehydration include dizziness and fatigue. These symptoms can usually be reversed by consuming fluids, so pay attention to them. The best way to make sure you do not get too dehydrated is to drink a lot of fluids. Every time you vape, make sure you have access to a refreshing drink by hand.

Always buy from reliable suppliers.  The reality is that we are all guilty of loving a bargain, and any way possible to save money is always tempting. However, there are inexpensive and lower quality vaporizers and e-liquids that are not always so good value for money. 

Suppliers of online sales and physical stores, not all will sell products that have been tested and created with the appropriate equipment or protocols, increasing the risk of contamination, malfunctions and manufacturers using inappropriate ingredients. Harmful substances such as acetyl and diacetyl continue to be used in some e-liquids, despite their severe effects. It is extremely important that you investigate suppliers and manufacturers before purchasing your products. Customer reviews can be positive and can help you avoid unreliable vendors and manufacturers. In Vape Palace Mayfair London we have high quality vaping products.

Dare to experiment . What works for one person may not be ideal for others. Therefore, do not let anyone (including us) tell you what and how to vape - there is no single rule and you will discover it for yourself. Start your 'journey of discovery' with a decent vape starter kit but not too expensive, try another tank after a while, try new mods, e-liquids and try to be informed of new products and innovations. Through experimentation, you will be able to determine your optimal configuration, your favorite e-liquid, brands, etc. and each of those results will make things much better for you. Remember that vaping is something very personal.

The benefit of vaping . As times change, so does the way we smoke. But while there are plenty of alternatives to traditional methods out there, vaping has proven to be the most efficient and healthy. These are some of the advantages:

No Smoking

No ash 

There is no carbon monoxide

Without tar

There is no bad breath

Option to alter the intake of nicotine levels (including nicotine free vaping)

Massive choice of flavours