K2 Starter Kit

by Aspire
Sold out

The K2 starter kit is produced and manufactured by Aspire and is an incredibly economical and convenient little starter kit. It’s only 8.5 cm in length, making it easy to carry around. This nifty kit has an open source tank that is refillable, and the battery system is completely reusable and rechargeable. This means that the user is never restricted when it comes to flavour. Available in striking pink or moody black, this sleek and subtle design will have you blowing clouds in style. It’s a high-end beginner vape kit, so it’s perfect if you’re just getting into vaping. Armed with decent specs, it conveniently includes a battery, a tank, a preinstalled atomiser, a replacement atomiser and a micro USB charger to keep you vaping on the go. Plug it into your laptop or an adapter and you’re good to go!

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