K4 Kit

by Aspire
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A level up from the Aspire K3 Starter Kit, the Aspire K4 Starter Kit is simplistic yet something to marvel over as a novice vape product. Consisting of the Aspire K4 2000mAh battery and the Aspire Cleito tank with 2ml capacity, the Aspire K4 Starter Kit is compatible with a a variety of Cleito coils and comes pre-installed with a 0.27Ohm Cleito Clapton coil. As with most starter vape kits, you are limited with your power and temperature flexibility, but the K4 packs a much bigger punch than the K3 and is kitted with adjustable airflow. For a starter vape kit, the flavour that the Aspire K4 produces is not bad at all. Beginner vapers who see this as their first purchase can look forward to a truly flavourful first vaping experience. The Cleito Clapton coil could be said to outperform some other Aspire coils, and for a very simple unit the vapour volume and flavour will have beginner vapers feeling like cloud chasers. The Aspire K4 Starter Kit does exactly what Aspire set it out to do, and that’s provide a simplistic solution for beginner vapers who want to feel like they can get a bit more out of a vape starter kit in terms of vapour volume and flavour production – its why it’s so popular!

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