Puxos Mod

by Aspire
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Aspire now brings you the ultimate in mod adaptability and flexibility. Introducing the new Aspire Puxos mod. It allows for use with three different battery types, a 18650, a 20700 or a 21700. The Aspire Puxos mod can be used in various modes, allowing you to select between Wattage, Voltage, Bypass, CPS (C1/C2/C3), TC(Ni/Ti/SS316L) and TCR(M1/M2/M3). Charging couldn’t be easier, just attach the supplied micro USB cable to the charging port and attach to a power supply. When you connect your Aspire Puxos mod to the charger, the screen will display a growing battery icon. When the battery charge reaches 4.2V or is fully charged, the mod will stop charging, and the screen will remain off. The maximum charging rate is 2 amps. WHO IS THE ASPIRE PUXOS KIT FOR? – The seasoned vaper who is looking to get more vapour from their e-cig WHAT TANK TO USE? – Low resistance sub-ohm tanks FV TOP TIP… This device is compatible with 21700, 20700 batteries as well as 18650

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