Dessert Flavours E Liquid


The Original Dinner Lady Dessert Flavour Collection

VG 70 PG 30

For the advanced vaper, this liquid produces thick, satisfying tasty clouds!


Apple pie
Contains a classic dessert flavour blend of Apples, Pie Crust, and Cinnamon.
Berry Tart
A distinct pastry flavour, that is rich and buttery from your first vape. This pastry taste is followed by a sharp yet sweet blend of berries, sweeping in to create a full and well mixed flavour throughout.
Blackberry Crumble
Contains a tart Berry dessert blend with Blackberries, Sugar, and a baked Crumble crust.
Lemon Tart
Inspired by a Lemon pudding, featuring a tangy Lemon curd basis, with Meringue and Pastry.
Mango Tart
A tangy and tropical mango flavour on inhale, a balanced and buttery pastry base on exhale. With each vape the two fuse together creating a layered taste, which is quite unlike other dessert flavours out there.
Orange Tart
Contains a citrus flavour blend featuring Orange and Tart.

Strawberry Custard
A blend of Strawberries, Custard, and Caramel.


The 50 ml bottles are zero nicotine e-liquid. This product needs a nic-shot (available separately) to be added to the bottle and then shaken gently.

The 3 x 10 ml packages contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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