Luc V6 Charger

by Efest
Sold out

The Efest LUC V6 Charger is capable of charging up to six batteries simultaneously at a quick 2 amp rate. Meaning that, in the majority of mods, you will always have at least four batteries to fire from, erasing those dreadful moments when energy is hard to come by. The charger has an LED display screen to display the batteries charging status, as well as the current rate of charging, allowing you to easily monitor the batteries, at a glance, and have a rough idea of when the charge cycle will be complete. Another nifty little feature of the V6 charger is that it has a USB output port, allowing you to also charge other devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets, among many other electronic items. The V6 also puts safety at the forefront, and has a reliable, built-in overcharge protection, to ensure that everything is working smoothly and safely. The unit itself is built from a stylish and smooth black finish, and feels durable and reliable. Included in the package is a wall adapter, a warranty card and a user manual. As is the case with all chargers, you should read the instructions before operation and only charge compatible batteries.

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