X Smart Charger

by Efest
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These units are capable of working with a various range of batteries and capacity levels, and with an Efest charger you can be certain that your batteries are getting the very best of charges and full capacity will be delivered. Their units also incorporate several safety features, giving the end user that ? much needed ? peace of mind. The Efest X Smart Charger is a single battery charger that makes for an absolutely ideal travel companion. Its extremely small build and lightweight construction make it the perfect unit for storing alongside your electronic cigarette when on the move. It can easy be stored alongside your luggage or in your pocket at all times. The battery charger works with a broad range of Li-ion batteries, including 16340, 18350, 14500, 17500, 18500, 18450 and 18650 types. A number of safety features have been built in to the charging unit, including over discharge protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, giving the user assurances that their batteries are being closely monitored. The charger has won a great deal of praise for its unique size and fast charging cycle times. For such a small unit, it packs a lot of power and a wide range of safety features. Never be without power for your electronic cigarette ? always have that spare battery charged, and never have to wait too long before initiated the flavours of that fine e-liquid juice.

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