Drop Cartridge

by Sourin
Sold out

The Suorin Drop Replacement Cartridge is perfect for vapers who enjoy a sleek, discreet and covert vape experience. Designed specifically for the Suorin Drop Starter Kit, the Suorin Drop Replacement Cartridge’s are exactly why the Suorin Drop Kit is the perfect mouth to lung vape product. The reason for this MTL perfection results from the magnetic design of these cartridges – how’s that for future? This cartridge gives the vaper flexibility, as a fillable pod system. Although the capacity of the cartridge is limited to 2ml per fill, they make vaping both VG and PG e-liquids exquisite, as well as tasty. Filling is easy – simply remove the cap, turn it upside down, fill it up, and pop the battery back on top. Suorin Drop Replacement Cartridges also go down really well with mixed flavours, giving autonomy to event the most novice vaper in their pursuit of vape mixology. Not only is are these cartridges sexy, chic, cute, and replaceable, but also produce quite a bit of vaper, as well as a very flavourful vape experience.

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