810 Doc Drip Tip

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With a textured surface finish, Vandy Vape’s distinctive 810 Doc Tip (Delrin Drip-Tip) delivers wide-bore vapour with a sensual quality. The sensual lip-feel is provided by a diamond-pattern surface finish around the 7mm tall mouthpiece. Provided as a spare drip-tip with Vandy Vape atomizers like the Iconic RDA, Pulse RDA, and Mesh RTA, the Doc Tip has a central bore of 9.8mm and an outer diameter of 17.5mm. Just like standard ‘Goon Style’ drip-tips, the Vandy Vape 810 Delrin Doc Tip doesn’t have O rings on the connecting section. Vandy Vape have selected Delrin as the manufacturing material for their unique Doc Tip. Though Delrin is widely used on low and mid-power atomizers, the current trend in high-power atomizer drip-tips is for brightly coloured resin. Though this Delrin drip-tip is manufactured in Black, the material’s superior heat insulating properties are perfect for keeping the lips cool at high wattage settings. A plain Black drip-tip also looks natural on a tank of any colour. As well as being a great drip-tip for a Vandy Vape tank, this textured 810 Doc Tip will also fit most other atomizers that have the O ring seals built into the tank’s 810 connector. At this low price, why not give this high-performance Vandy Vape Doc Tip a try?

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